About Us


Sheldon is a 6 year old border collie mixed with golden retriever. Sheldon approaches life with a fun, springy step; although he isn’t always the bravest. He tends to be a little more reserved than his brother, even though sometimes that is presented as loud, obnoxious barking towards the ‘intruder’. He’s amazing with his people and warms up to strangers much quicker than he did before I did oodles of training with him. Sheldon loves long walks on the beach, especially when it involves chasing a ball or bumper into the water. He is a Frisbee dog, and loves throwing himself into the air after discs.  He loves food… well all food not a fruit or vegetable. And he loves to do tricks. He’s my spinning champ, my weave master and has a pretty great bang! All Sheldon is really after is a cuddle with his favorite peeps at the end of a long day…and food.

Kingston (Oryxes Left to My Own Devise)

Kingston is a 21 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He is an oh so smart, keen, adventurous, and enthusiastic part of my life. Kingston and I compete together in Obedience and Rally Obedience and hope to pursue scent work and tracking. I really couldn’t ask for a better partner. True to his breed, he is a screamer! Screams when he sees or smells the lake, and really cannot wait to get into the water. He will leap off of anything to retrieve or just because he loves to swim. We are currently pursuing our Companion Dog Title in the CKC and just completed our Rally Novice title! Kingston has a few titles in the CARO association (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) and also has his Canine Good Neighbour.

About Alison Groulx

I wasn’t always the crazy dog lady, in fact I fell into my passion for dogs one day after learning about an open position at a local kennel. There I was told I had a great aptitude for training and that’s really where the journey started. LifeBetween4Paws is my way of sharing my experience with dogs; the humor, the tears, frustration, the beauty and the unwavering loyalty. Dogs have a way of loving that humans struggle with. They let go and move on, they love, and they love. This is something I’m learning to do better, to live and let go.
My training adventure started in the compulsion world. I worked with dogs who came to the kennel on board and trains, watched and participated in classes with my families dog, Darcie Doodle and handled all sorts of dogs who came into the kennel. It wasn’t until later in my journey that I learned there were many ways to train a dog, including much kinder and gentler ways to get the exact same (yet better and more enthusiastic) results from dogs.
When I adopted Sheldon, he started to show fear aggression early in life. Compulsion just wasn’t giving me results and in some ways it was making his reactivity more explosive. I discovered the world of positive reinforcement and after that my love of training expanded and so did my knowledge. It wasn’t just enough to believe fact presented to me; in fact in the past I had believed the old outdated Alpha theory and I wasn’t going to be fooled by false information twice. I read books, I watched videos, I learned under +R trainers and my understanding grew. I train now with Primarily Positive Reinforcement and follow LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Adverse) with a company in my hometown of London Ontario. This company is called Puppy Love London. We are an amazingly crazy (the good crazy) group of dog loving girls, ranging in age, pounding the sidewalk with our lovable crews and helping dog owners live better lives with their dogs. Inspired by Sheldon, I want to help nervous dogs feel more comfortable within their situation and help them blossom into the dogs they can be.