Every story starts with an intro, here’s mine.

I’ve always been a creative person and I have always loved to write. Growing up I wrote a lot, in truth it was an escape for me. Poetry, short stories, journals; I wrote it all! Now that I’m older it has been years since I have expressed my thoughts and feelings in one place. Now, this is that place.

I should start by my name is Alison. I’m nearly 30 years old (but really I have the mindset and enthusiasm of a 16 year old) and a huge nerd. I love to read books…yes a real book. The texture of paper in my hand, the smell of the pages, I won’t say never, but it would take a lot for me to buy a digital book reader. For me the escape from technology is a bonus of reading. I love video games (although, that is another thing to slip as I have aged. There just isn’t enough time!), specifically Zelda; Ocarina of Time, Zelda; Twilight Princess, all of the Dragon Age sagas, and Call of Duty. But through all of these distractions, my biggest passions have always included animals.

When I was a little girl, there was always two things I begged my parents for; a dog, and a pony. My dreams did come true. We ended up getting a dog first. He was a friends dog that they were re-homing and his name was Dusty. Dusty was a three year old Keeshond and he was my best friend. We hung out with each other all the time in the yard, I would drag him over jumps I built with rakes and sticks. I fed him treats; wayyy too many, we cuddled (I attempted too) and I’d cry into his fluff after rough days in elementary school.
After Dusty we found Darcy, or well, she found us. She was wild to begin with, and loved running at the stables while I had lessons. We still have her still, she’s currently 14 and has really slowed down. She has deaf, losing her vision and her hind end is getting weaker. It’s so hard to see her this way but she still has quality of life and that is the important thing.

I started riding horses regularly at the age of 10, starting with weekly lessons at a local riding stable. My passion grew and I ended up getting into competitive horseback riding, specifically hunters and jumpers. I bought my first horse on my 19th Birthday, his name was Simon and he was amazing. In the end, I had ridden and lived the horse lifestyle for 17 years; starting with weekly lessons to working at the farm in order to earn rides to competing, training and grooming at horse shows. After going through stable changes and then ultimately losing Simon suddenly to colic, my passion faded for horses and I turned my free time to dogs and photography.

I should also mention that I am also a Professional Photographer. I own Polaris Photography and specialize in family and pet portraiture. I kindled the passion while at the farm and photographing Simon and the other girls riding. This ultimately pushed me along the path setting me hurtling towards Fanshawe Collage to complete their photography program.
Although I am very active in the dog world, I spend my time now on weekends as a secondary shooter for weddings, capturing people on one of their biggest days of their lives. It’s an amazing spot to be, watching, participating, and being in rooms full of people just bursting with love. But, back to dogs.

My two dogs are who this blog is based on: Sheldon and Kingston (You can read more about them on the About Us page). In brief Sheldon is a border collie x golden mix at 5 years old and Kingston is a 2 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. They are my demo dogs for classes with the dog training company I work with; Puppy Love London! I participate in Dog Sports with Kingston, mainly Rally Obedience, Obedience, and hoping also to start barn hunt and scent detection. Sheldon competes in CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) as he does not have to participate in a stand for evaluation as you have to in CKC Rally.

These two really couldn’t be more different dogs….but I’ll have to get into that more in my next blog post. Now my lasagna is close to being ready and the garlic bread is ready to go into the oven…Until next time interweb!